Lucozade - Use of music for "Kitchen"


TV2 - All That We Share Campaign


TV2 - All That We Share Campaign


ARIEL Awards 2013


Gold Lion 2017

CLIO Gold Winner



An award winning young composer and multi-instumentalist based in Brighton, Michael enjoys playing, writing and recording music across many genres as well as fusing styles to create his own voice.


Working primarily as a musical translator for mediums such as film, advertising and TV, he also enjoys collaborating with artists from around the world and creating album based music.


Michael has had many of his compositions broadcast globally for an array of clients, agencies, channels and big name brands.

Michael has composed for music companies such as Tsunmami, The Sound Works, Big Sync, Upright music, Cezame, APM, Influence and TickleSeahorses, where he held the position of Creative Director. He has also worked for a variety of businesses, events, and individuals. In addition to this he was short-listed for the BBC Young Composers’ Competition 2006.